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I once heard that our greatest desire is to be heard and then I became more aware that a lot of people talk a lot and don't really listen when they're not talking. I was wondering if other people see this and could it be that people talk so much cause they don't listen to themselves or becsue they don't think other people are really listening? I was just wondering what I would say if I knew that everyone was 'really' listening.

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I think most people talk about themselves because for the most part they don't feel heard, so when they find someone that will slow down and listen to them then they take advantage of that person because who knows when they will get that opportunity again?!... Or.... people talk because they feel they have something in common with the other person and that person is showing an interest so they feel that the other person must be able to relate to them so they keep on talking.. Sometimes people get too excited to share that they forget to let the other person talk...

It's about attention and wanting to be acknowledged for whatever reason..

Anyway, that's what my experience has been..

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Ha ha ha looks like I talked too much!

That is a nice perspective Charlotte, it feels like people want to connect with another soul that they have something in commone with.

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Sometimes a happy face is the best response.

I just posted a comment about feeling selfish and it made me wonder why a lot of us (at least in my circles) tend to give our lives away for other people or causes that are not necessarily our choices. We think these choices are ours because it's been so long since we last questioned why we do things that we don't even consider the options. Things like religious beliefs, moral stuff, who's right and wrong, we just seem to take the side of who's closest to us. It's tough to buck the norm.. 


- Author Unknown
- Thomas Szasz
- Author Unknown
- Author Unknown
- Cherie Carter-Scott

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