Anger is a misunderstood but healthy emotion. We've made it "bad" and it's usually repressed until it affects our well-being or explodes onto whoever happens to be standing in front of us.

Anger is a natural emotionAnger is a natural emotion, it allows us to say no. It defines our boundaries and protects us from threatening situations.  On a physical level anger is self preservation, self care and self love. When we become angry on an emotional level it's because we're being hurt or threatened from the prospect of repeating a past experience.

Since anger is usually not accepted or acceptable we tend to push it down instead of using it to help us. Oftertimes it ends up controlling us. We react when we feel threatened by some past pain which has not been expressed or understood. We become defensive about put downs from the past, not feeling worthy. We defend our parents beliefs and we treat others accordingly. It becomes a defense mechanism to fend off attack from sensitive areas of our past.

The goal of the subconscious is to reproduce trauma so that we can look at it, resolve it and feel better.

If we deny or repress anger without understanding it's origins, we say 'no' to the opportunity to release the hold that our past issues have on us. Physical anger protects our physical being from harm (or the threat of it) Emotional anger protects our past wounds. Why else would we be bothered by words or actions unless we recognize and identify with them. Our reference then is based on unprocessed data or experience from the past. The more we become aware of when we say no to resolution (feeling our wounds are being threatened) the more we become aware of our sensitive areas with the potential for resolution.

 "One can never change the past, only the hold it has on you"  - Merle Shain.

AngerBy acknowledging our anger honestly, we open the doors to discovering where the hurt/pain originated thus releasing us from the hold it has on our future.

The life we create or more accurately attract on the outside is a reflection of what we live on the inside. An anonymous author stated it this way. "That which I like in you , I like in me. That which I do not like in you is what I don't like in me. So most often what I say about you I'm saying about me and therefore I am my own worst enemy in the process of change”.  I'm waiting for you to change so I won't have to. To take the risk so I won't fail, for you to do nothing so I can keep whining."

Anger is a natural, potentially empowering emotion. When we understand it's reasons for being, we gain control over it and it serves us in times when it is necessary. As long as we don't understand it, our potential well-being is in the hands of those who we allow to provoke it. Oftentimes they don't even know it.


- Author Unknown
- Thomas Szasz
- Author Unknown
- Author Unknown
- Cherie Carter-Scott

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