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Q. Talk about it! I feel criticized when / because:

My coworker seems to think that I need to be reminded what to do and how to do it when I'm working..

Q. Is this criticism constructive or destructive and how so? Make a list to consider all possibilities. Is there a way that it could be constructive?

I guess it could be constructive but on the other hand what he's saying is pretty obvious so I'm thinking maybe a way for him to be in control. So far I'm keeping my cool so as not to create a tense work environment but what I really feel like doing to to tell him to myob!

Q. How is feeling criticized hindering you from having more potential?

I think it would be nice to just be able to do my job, work in peace and get along better..

Q. Talk about how this is affecting you? What are some of the other feelings that come up?

I just feel that at this point I should be trusted to do my job. Everything gets done and the need to tell me the obvious is redundant. It makes me feel belittled, incompetent and anxious about having someone checking over my shoulder..

Q. How does feeling this way impact/affect your life

It's just that work is work. I don't do it as my life passion so if it carries over to my off time then I'm thinking about it even when I'm not there. I just want to go to work, come home and forget about it..


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