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Does anyone know about low energy levels? I just feel like I'm always struggling to get out of bed and then have a hard time getting things done because I'm tired all the time...

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I suggest keeping track of what you're doing and eating. There are a lot of allergies around and a most people don't even know they have them! Also, the body responds to your lifestyle. If you're practicing doing little then your body adapts to the energy needs required to do it. If you practice doing more then you will produce more energy to get it done. Be patient with yourself and keep track of the results you're getting. Be aware of your thoughts too and what you're telling yourself! Good luck!

Yes that's a good suggestion. I understand the power of eating what is best suited for our bodies and yes I do need to take more time to figure out what my physical needs are and then plan to attain them. I think my issue is that I keep thinking that I'll feel better if I get enough rest but that never seems to happen..


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