What is the meaning of gratitude? Why is it important to show gratitude?What does gratitude mean? How to show gratitude for the people in your life?

Gratitude means being thankful, counting one’s blessings, taking note of life’s simple pleasures, and acknowledging and being grateful for everything that we receive. It means learning to live your life as if everything were a miracle, and being continually aware of how much we’ve been given. Gratitude shifts one’s focus from what their life lacks to acknowledging the wealth that is already present in our lives. In addition, behavioral and psychological research has shown that life improvements can stem from practicing the act of gratitude. Giving thanks makes people happier, less stressful and more resilient, it strengthens our relationships, it improves our health, and it reduces overall stress and anxiety.

“To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.”

~ Johannes A. Gaertner

I am grateful for________ because________


I'm grateful for good books that seem to come along at the right times, either recommeded by someone or just by browsing the book stores or thrift shops. 'I'm Spiritual, Dammit' for one 'Siddhartha' as another example.

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I'm grateful for having time to relax and enjoy a nice walk or just sit and watch a sunset or think about what I'd like to have in my life. I see so many people running around with not enough time to get everything done thinking about things that they should have done days ago and it makes me appreciate not doing more than I have time for. I even like being bored once in a while because it allows me to think exploring other interests.

I am so grateful for all that I have and have done in the past to get me where I am today. Crap still creeps up that brings me down sometimes but I've been around long enough to know how fortunate I am even though I'm not seen as a great success in the eyes of the masses. It really doesn't matter what enyone else thinks as long as I feel good about how I feel|!


- Author Unknown
- Thomas Szasz
- Author Unknown
- Author Unknown
- Cherie Carter-Scott

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Knowing yourself means to be in good company when you're alone.  It is being who you are, without
 We exist in comparison or 'relative' to everything else (which affects how we feel about ourselv
"Listening, not imitation may be the greatest form of flattery"  - Joyce Brothers
It has been said that communication is the cause of and solution to most of life's problems/chall
All of life is motion, nothing stands still.

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