Knowing yourself means to be in good company when you're alone.  It is being who you are, without feeling inadequate, insecure, frustrated or lonely. You feel confident and don't live according to someone else's expectations or best interests.


The reknowned psychologist Abraham Maslow once said that a common trait among self actualized people was that they were" free of the good opinion of others". As we begin to know and appreciate who we are, the "good opinions" are recognized for what they are but we now have our own opinions based on 'our' experience, strengthened by our courage to put life to the test by questioning it. We gain confidence in life and lose the fear of the unknown, which is the source of most of our angst (the 'what if' scenarios). Oftentimes we look back in our lives and even though we knew that certain decisions were gong to end badly, we still chose what was familiar to us instead of risking something else or the 'unknown'. Life is a habit and by knowing more of the person 'you want to become' you can then make the choices that will get you closer to who you want to become.

Einstein's definition of insanity is "repeatedly choosing the same thing expecting a different result" Sanity on the other hand, shows good judgment; it's sensible and practical. We owe it to ourselves to be sensible, yet respectfully sensitive to our inner workings and feelings. This website gives you an opportunity to do just that in the privacy of this space, without judgment. Behind your own walls and defense mechanisms is a being who wants to be cared for and listened to. When we find the feelings beyond those walls, and express them, we see that in most cases they 'appear'  more threatening than they really are. Look at your feelings, understand them and the hold they have on you, and when you're ready, let go of them to be more in line with your definition of harmony.
 Spend time with yourself and your thoughts. Walk, read, play, create or be still and observe the infinite wonders of this earthly reality. Whatever it takes to be whoever you are will be the best investment you ever make.
 And remember, no action produces no results. If you want to change something in your life you need to DO something about it. It doesn't have to be a big step in the beginning but take the first step. It will get you closer to where you want to be. If you find yourself stuck try another direction. If you are content to be where you are at that moment, that's fine too. When you need to change, you'll feel it. 


- Author Unknown
- Thomas Szasz
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- Author Unknown
- Cherie Carter-Scott

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Knowing yourself means to be in good company when you're alone.  It is being who you are, without
 We exist in comparison or 'relative' to everything else (which affects how we feel about ourselv
"Listening, not imitation may be the greatest form of flattery"  - Joyce Brothers
It has been said that communication is the cause of and solution to most of life's problems/chall
All of life is motion, nothing stands still.

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